Valentine’s roneriness and rants

Yep its that time of the year again for us eroge players like what this certain person said is to be inspired of such occasion but lets put it this way why not add a bit more than what has been stated lets make more ronery like adding

1. Dakimakuras

yep roneriness is not complete without such graphical entertainment

2. Amusing yourself into your own graphical fetishes

hemi should know better perhaps when it comes to fetishes…. and perhaps

3. claiming more bishoujous into your harem

yep short posts will be short provided I have nothing much to say hahaha

11 comments on “Valentine’s roneriness and rants

  1. Wrathkal says:


  2. manga says:

    And where did you find Kenshin like that!! I really need to pick up on finishing sengoku rance. Even playing it.

    Good post though.

  3. m3rryweather says:

    I’m “guessing” the Kenshin pic is in Kenshin’s route. 😉

    For you, it’s more of a Yuuko fetish than a “graphical” fetish. Clouds can hardly compare.

  4. warum says:

    ah yes, I forgot Euphoria + Narukana = good comedy. but more ronery!? I’ll never admit it on SAD.

  5. Algester says:

    well I missed another aspect on roneriness and that was suppose to be Love Plus but I guess sankaku beaten me to it and plus its already past SAD lol

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