And so a time of non-procrastiation of just posting

Anyway as previously stated I did go to China but apparently I had no reap of rewards there so this basically sums up the reapings I got from Hong Kong though,

In anycase the Techgians, the Atelier Annie and Lise artbook were brought from Sogo club in Causeway bay, whats more is that the bookshop sells items at  the converted price so its like buying them from Japan which I found really shockingly cheap, it was widely coincidental since I was just following my brother throughout the shopping mall its on the 9th or 10th floor of the building way beyond the appliance floor, Rune Factory 3 guide was brought from the Animate store in Mong Kok near the ladies’ market area also one of the top spots for Kamen Rider stuff haha, and the Classical disks came from HMV since technically classical musics are quite a rare find in the Philippines as well much to my dismay sure even if we have a radio station that airs classical music namely 98.7 the master’s touch it still does not satisfy me which is quite meh-ish. Anyway as for the next one is actually for Zen contents on Techgian 2-2010 issue

In any case in eroge news I decided to drop Mashiro-iro Symphony however I’ll still do a review for it. I’am not too sure about daitoryou even if it has  a ZoTE 2 reference.

5 comments on “And so a time of non-procrastiation of just posting

  1. Zen says:

    Yay Mayuri!!!! I love you, and hate you. Seeing more of it makes it all that much more painful to wait. Thanks for posting the pictures of the mags though.

  2. Moriken says:

    Daitoryou has a ZotE reference? What the heck…where? o_O Totally didn’t notice. It was so boring that I had couldn’t bring myself to play the full game though.

    • Algester says:

      well if you may have not noticed but Elu has the vector cannon XD ohh yeah if the lines where translated its the entire Vector Cannon SOP lines

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