Eden* mini review


Ok just right of the bat of procrastination and 2-3 games and some routes here and there…. now starting with uhh a mini review

Game Info

Company (Needs a proxy)
Website (this is proxified im not sure if it works)

Random Gist

Genre: End of world, drama, lolicon-gei?
Character Designer: Chikotam, KIM-chi
Scenario: 鏡遊

to those wondering the videos were apparently made by Makoto Shinkai again as stated by ending cast but im not sure to what degree of involvement is said as his group’s animation style is akin to his.


榛名 亮 (Haruna Ryo)

Ryo Haruna

Your not so average protagonist, simply put he is the type of guy who has lost everything in his life so you will understand about his action in the story, as a part of the military he was idolized by Lavinia and  has a very sharp sense yes very very sharp, I cant say much how I like this guy but simply put in my linggo he is just pretty much imba.

シオン (Sion)


a Felix or basically put a genetically engineered being, who started a plan to save all of humanity by bringing all of them to space and is also the smartest Felix to be made albeit her height does not justify that she is in fact 500 years old or so, also she will make you feel like a true lolicon from start to finish of the game… and I have no qualms about that. She is cheeky as what Accany says haha, also the fact she is what can be called as a “sheltered princess”, and there are also groups that hate her project of saving humanity.
PS: since Chikotam designed the female characters she looks like Riselotte from 11eyes to those wondering the similarities between the 2 frame designs… why am I saying this cause uhh…. I dunno… all I know Chikotam designed Riselotte as well and uhh… both are tragic lolis?

エリカ (Erika)


She is Sion’s guardian and also a maid of sorts, surrounded by animosity as I would say to prevent spoilers. YES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE I MUST NOT SPOIL… MUST NOT… oh yeah she is also a Felix, and has pretty much the non serious facial expressions there is in the story despite the story theme as a sign of relief perhaps?…

浅井・F・ラヴィニア (Lavinia.F.Asai)


Well the summation of her character is well uhh she is good in terms of melee combat and the art of knife throwing and idolizes Haruna whilst being in the same platoon , she by the way carries a lot of knives. Sometimes serious sometimes care-free type of character and is quite strict in-terms of rules.

真夜 (Maya)


She latter appears at the second part of the story, she’s a journalist who is searching for Sion for an “interview”, she replaces the role of Erika of the character having the amusing faces by the second story and is the constant subject of Ryo’s cruel jokes. Well as to me wondering why Accany said talking about her spoils the story is apparently unknown to me on as to why but thats preferential.

稲葉 直人 (Inaba Naoto)

Inaba Naoto

Ryo and Lavinia’s senior inside the facility, behind that casual face apparently lies a Light Yagami like personality a planner as I would say, also he is directly responsible on as to why Ryo entered the military just as his plan. that pretty much sums up the case haha

Opinions/Last words

As minori’s first game after ef’s engine was made so basically put this is based on ef’s scripting engine but only supports widescreen resolution as the difference expecting it to be movie like and everything else epic I guess I would say its a good game even if its not ero, I mean the story is solid unlike the other game by etude which has basically almost identical in story premise namely soshite ashita no sekai yori, I was not disappointed with this one as not only the story is solid it is also fully voiced disregarding narrations epic music, and at least not loose-ended unlike soshite ashita no sekai yori. and now ratings


Story: 10/10
Characters: 8/10
CGs: 10/10
Music: 10/10

again with no exemptions the game is epic for a last moth’s title hopefully it would be like ef in terms of how long can it stand in a popularity poll

13 comments on “Eden* mini review

  1. Accany says:

    You’re using a truckload of abbreviations everywhere. Well that’s just you I guess.

    Spoils on Maya as she appears only at the end so…

  2. warum says:

    Mmm, both Sion and Riselotte were tragic but epic lolis.

    Also, I swear algester goes through all games just to pick out the heroines with the “maru” eyes and post screenshots of them….O_o

  3. warum says:

    algester algester, the review got chunked!
    *algester eats smoked cheese*

    warum: nyoro~

  4. Chrouya says:

    Hm, I was already planning to try out this game, it’ll also be my first Minori eroge though. Seems the chars so far looks okay and I really like End of the World plots, I guess it’ll fit with me fine.

  5. Accany says:


  6. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    By “imba”, do you mean the Filipino slang word? I saw that word on Haruno Ryo’s description. So, I take it you are a Filipino?

  7. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    If you are a Filipino, then how do you get Visual Novels?

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