祝福のカンパネラ Review

Shukufuku no CampanellaARGH!!!! after a long time of not reading and procrastinating I have finally did what I should have done a long time ago hehehe,

Game Info



Random Gist

Genre:Adventure, WUT? (in terms of Golem), Magic, Suspension of Disbelief?, HAREMS!!
Character Designer:Ko~cha


We begin at the island of El Talia with our protagonist Leinchester (Lester for short) who lives along with with the daughter of the duke of the island and also his childhood friend Carina Verriti they pretty much stay in the Clan house known as Oasis and the rival company Tortilla Company, and meeting up the other people such as  the puppeteer Agnes Boulange, the guardian Chelsea Arcot, in preperation for the harvest festival which is marked by the shower of “Yell” (something similar to mana), revives an automata named Minette and all starts of what could be said of a wacky harem adventure for Lester.


レスター・メイクラフト (Lester Maycraft)

Anyway the protagonist of the story well as far as his character is concerned hes the type of Guy who is all good and honest, not dense which brings up the fact I like this guy for well hes accepting the fact he has A HAREM @_@ yeah pretty much asides the HAREM he is pretty much normal…. FFFFF sorry no pics for the guy again… but he pretty much looks like Guy from Tales of the Abyss clothes asides.

ミネット (Minette)Minette 2

An Automata who wakes up one night due to the shower of yell as a special automata she carries the Animapearl along with other Dolls like Aberdeen and Arvil, a sweet innocent girl and calls Lester Papa as he is the first one she sees upon her awakening she sleeps by the Cathedral (location she was initially founded) should she be not staying inside Oasis in certain occasions and yes shes a loli <_< god knows why I said that hahaha.

カリーナ・ベルリッティ (Carina Verritti)


Lester’s Childhood firend and the owner of a private island and the Clan House Oasis apparently seeing that she is the daughter of the Fabious, has an Oujo streak in terms of accent and is all out deredere towards Lester she apparently has a contract with a book which explains why she can use magic.

チェルシー・アーコット (Chelsea Arcot)


A member of the guradian knights apparently she was reassigned to be with the Oasis company to find the meaning of happiness, though not much of a serious character but is more of a timid characteristic which is why she is prone to Shelley’s jokes and is weak against alcohol.

アニエス・ブーランジュ (Agnes Boulange)


A puppeteer, and has a sweet tooth due to the fact her home country is well known for pastries and desserts being well their 3 day meal, and her dream to become the greatest puppeteer in their world in order to succeed her mother, she is also the creator of Minette and the other automatas but due to the fact she lacks their driving power (Yell) she was never to bring them to life. She also has a automata cat companion named Tango.

ニナ・リンドベルイ(Nina Lindberg)


The maid an caretaker of the clan house Oasis, she also gets the available quests for Lester and co. to do and her information network is something classified but she apparently knows everything regarding the said quests, she also holds some feelings for Lester to which Shelley knows. Seriously the guy really does have a harem…

ニック・ラジャッ(Nick La’juck)

NickA friend of Lester and Carina he helps out the Clan house when brute strength is needed, also knows their parents quite well as of that matter.

サルサ・トルティア (Salsa Tortilla)Salsa

The elder sister of Ritos, and one of the owners of Tortilla Company which is the rival company of Oasis and also one of the harem rivals of Carina and co. for Lester’s loving, apparently she does not open up her true feelings freely well much of her demise, but yeah…

リトス・トルティア (Ritos Tortilla)

RitosSalsa’s younger sister and kinda like the true owner of Tortilla Company she is more direct to the point type of character to the fact she is willing to marry Lester whilst in front of Carina and co much to her angst.

ナーガン・メイクラフト (Nagan Maycraft)


Lester’s father which technically means he is the “grandfather” of Minette, also a part of the Guardian Knights of El Tallia which means he is Chelsea’s superior all we know about him is that he knows also the parents of Carina and well about his wife they get along quite well.

シェリー・メイクラフト (Shelley Maycraft)


Lester’s mother which means she is technically the “grandmother” of Minette, well she knows about Carina’s mother and has been good friends with her and also acts well someone similar to Otoha from Happiness!, also she has no problems with Lester ever having a Harem and is willing to give him to the girls for him to marry.
PS: there is something about Windmill and MILFS like how MILFS and Key are in concern.

ファビウス・ベルリッティ (Fabious Verritti)


The Duke of the island of El Talia, the father of Carina and also knows Lester’s parents and is pretty much in good relations with them, like them he is also supporting of Lester having a wife for some unknown reasons especially to his daughter bahh…. also his family keeps a secret about El Talia, their family is also keeper of dragons which explains why Garnet lives in his household albeit described only in another dimension.

フィオーレ・ベルリッティ (Fiore Verritti)


Carina’s mother well all is known that she knows Shelley and has also been in good relations with Nagan as well, also supportive of Carina’s relationship with Lester as a mother perhaps. and has also a bloodline of magicians unless I’am proven wrong.

ガーネット (Garnet)


A dragon or carbuncle which is being kept by the Verritti household as they are already an endangered magical species also knows many things about the flora and fauna of El Talia, she makes a contract with Minette in order to help Lester and co. speaks in a Nue accent should I might add.

ミリアム (Meriam)


A sickly girl and befriended by Minette while wandering along the streets of El Talia, its not known why she calls Aberdeen Oniichan though.

アバディーン (Aberdeen)


Little is known about him only that he carries and Animaamethyst and that he is also an automata, also he knows about agnes and her mother.

アヴリル (Avril)


The constant companion of Aberdeen, she carries the Animaperidot should I not be mistaken and is also the last automata ever made by Agnes’ mother making her the imouto of Minette.

now on with the system


Title Screen

Title Screen

The title scree is pretty much strait forward only that by clearing routes will you get the extra story behind each character and by doing Agnes’ route you get Nina’s route and by doing them all you get Salsa’s and Ritos’ route so pretty much its a win win situation for the harem.



The textbox well its too much blue this time unlike other ones complaining that other eroges use too much pink <_< anyway what good about the text box is that the portraits changes something similar to momoiro guardians prolly thats one of both a bad and a good thing but what the heck anyway the other good thing is the skip options which means after finishing the game you get the option of skipping the scene entirely to the next act of the chapter or the selection same goes to the fast playback button only that well it works in reverse and has your standard arsenal of things options, q-save, q-load so on and so forth.



Well pretty much the slections are not the main factors in the game but the quests (which will be discussed) as each quests activate flags for each set of character and are pretty much straight forward there is no change in what so ever if they have been selected though.



The save screen like all Windmill games you start with 10 slots however you are given the option to expand those slots into how many as you like in the intervals of 10 by clicking that button found on the lower left of the screen.

save loadand the load screen again over the blue again its pretty much straight forward.


quest menu

The driving plot system of the game basically its just a game device filled with mini-game esque scenarios and it also includes the casual part of the game the “battles”battle system

Well they are part of the uests however the difference is win or lose the outcome is still the game only that you would always get saved by other characters especially Salsa and Co. so I don not see the point of including this in the game… well they do include some CG cut-ins like thisumu umu

Chapter Transition

chapter startWell the game is divided into 3 chapters excluding the epilogue and prologue well this is the well determinant of the game as it covers pretty much on how the route would play out like for the second chapter is just selecting who for the third chapter its all about going further with the chosen route located after the first H-scene on chapter 2. and at the every end of the chapter. Also at every start of the first chapters you get thiscampanella agnes introan that they differ as the story passes it includes char “title” and the name <_< kinda something “movie” like

chapter endearly in game this is what we could call as the intermission chapter apparently the prologue and first chapter has this option its just basically talking with the said character but is skip-able as this is just for “completion” sake. then there are the cut in CGscut-inthese are also included in the CG menu which is well convenient but more or less in some scenes these appear and they tend to be the summary of the events of the said scene.

Game Settingcampanella system setting

Pretty much your standard issue settings menu well like text speed auto speed BGM voices while there is BGM is the minor change from the other engines we know.

and lastly the…

Omake Menu

Well again pretty much this is what were aiming for now l et us begin with

CG Mode

CG Gallery

With the CG menu is pretty much straight forward you are given the completion rate of your CGs and the random cut-ins from the scenes of the game well pretty much eve the inside images are straight forward just like you any other CG gallery so I will not be dwelling on that.

Scene Mode

Scene Gallery

Well apparently the added bonus from this one is that we actually get to have the ending in its own right for the scene selection with heroines having an average of 3-4 H-scenes well its a fair amount I would say.

Chara Graphic Mode

Character Graphic Gallery

Well unlike any other eroges or perhaps only a few of them Windmill made use of this well for perhaps lolz sake its apparently a “sprite” viewer as gamers would commonly call it anyway contains full body option button and clear window buttons are self explanatory on what they do.

Music Mode

Music Gallery

Well the music gallery the gripes I found in it were nearly not that inspiring for some reasons… it feels like a lack of depth for a well quite a big bunch of BGMs… maybe thats just me forcing myself to read more even though I’am not getting much of the “true story” if there was any.

Opinions/Last words

What I can say I really dont see the story in the game and the comedy is just well not that strong but perhaps the winning part of this game is the character designs but less emphasis on the bigger picture, or thats just because I’ am not trained in reading character centric stories as of yet so to those who want to play this I would suggest find better stuff as the game is long mind you.

and now the rates ARGH!! @_@


Story: 3/10
Characters: 6/10
CGs: 9.5/10
Music: 5/10

Seriously I dragged myself into this mess but I cant seem to pin point the thing about this being in getchu’s best prolly that is because due to the competition of that time but what the heck…. well but I do like the characters which is prolly not a bad thing especially that GOLEM! <_< the story is something really for me to understand as I was not understanding everything what I was hearing or looking at either or thats perhaps due to the routes I took… so I would recommend this game while procrastinating on choosing a better read. and it does work eden*’s art is really AWESOME BABY!!!

6 comments on “祝福のカンパネラ Review

  1. warum says:

    Sounds like the game was selling more of its arts/system designs than its plot, and the game play doesn’t seem impressive enough to be a focused on. But thanks for the review, at least I know the golem was the most interesting character.

  2. Accany says:

    Yeah same feelings here, felt that canpenella was pretty much for the art than for the story. Didn’t like it much TBH.

  3. Wrathkal says:

    Lolz, if this gets animated, I think I might not play the game since your review says it sucks.

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