In lieu of new titles

what the.....OK now this is where the post start just dont mind about the pic I seriously dont know what windmill came-up with which is one of the reasons to how Akamatsu-sensei put up the robots with souls thing, anyway I need some advise on my picks for my next reading would it be, as I’am nearly getting campanella done as I only have Minette’s route left and for some reason with my played routes it seems that their is no true closure to the game due to the routes being independent on their own so meh…. will be reving it up shortly after I’am done with the game of course.

1. Kurenai no tsuki (ALcot) I said in hemi’s post that I’m not obliged to read this yet due to IRL circumstances of being a procrastinator of not finishing campanella

2. eden* (Minori) looks good and its non-H so I can play it in school

3. Canvas3 (F&C) mixed feelings…

2 comments on “In lieu of new titles

  1. momochi says:

    Looking forward to campanella review even though I have no plans to pick it up (maybe I might change my mind if it sounds sound).
    I was going to try eden* as well but gave it up due to minori’s attempts to sabatage gaijin PCs lol !!!

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