Procrastinations and more

basically that is the pointWell due to circumstances I havent been doing well with finishing with Campanella but what the heck also reading from Micchi’s recent news. I could’nt be anymore happier than seeing the release date on Innocent Grey’s latest incoming work which is Caucasus, again its not like I have been playing their games I do like their games its just that I really dont have the time to put up and read their works well its not like its something I could be ashame of. But then again its just some times I cant chew in gore or perhaps its just some lame excuse I could think of not being able to play their games, again its not that I hate them or anything after all it’s Miki Sugina’s art that first piqued up my interest in their games, then came my fascination for MANYO (the only member of littlewing thus far) in terms of music due to their first work I played namely CARTAGRA (dont blame me im just using how much of their game is spelled) @_@.

2 comments on “Procrastinations and more

  1. m3rryweather says:

    That’s why I never get anything done! Let’s here it for ADD! \o/

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