Harems and fapness

Too lazy finding pic Y_YDue to a recent recollection of the past with these two. Looks like I too will be interested in making one “Ideal” harem of mine. And still by going by the rules no matter how hard it is.

1. Harem size is up to six bishoujos and one household meido.

2. Only one bishoujo in a series eroge unless she is a twin.

To add a bit more of a challenge, I’ve also added these.

3. Eroges with their own anime adaptions are not allowed. (There are so many moe bishoujos out there so why pick only the popular ones?)

4. Each bishoujo must have it’s own individual seiyuu. (Because two different characters with the same exact voice feels weird.)

In regards from M3rry’s original Rules ohh yes they are hard indeed

Starting with

Manaka Akisato  (Purely)  [RUNE]EV00120B

When you need a dere dere osananajimi who knows you quite well, and doing all the house chores even I can do them as well, I can not say anything more than her I mean the game itself holds a very engaging story line that I actually finished her route plus the game’s prologue on a single sitting via button trance, no less Purely was also the very first eroge that I played that I suddenly understood the japanese language and perhaps the grammar structure, anyway asides that, the fact how I liked her character development and the tragedy she lost along with Yuuya. And damn reminding me of having a legacy cripes soo sad I can not even say if her ending CG is bittersweet or not ugh! Y_Y… and her dereness is well as expected from us dere hunters.

and now some obligatory pics and did I say even though the artist had made quite scary eyes the Cgs are still a beaut.EV00920AEV00720B

Kuze Kiriha (Fortune Arterial) [August]

I won't mind staring at you Y_Y

Now to add a kuudere yes, one of the cool characters of Fortune Arterial acting too cold yet not soo tsun tsun you get the drift, plus not to mention I totally can feel what she feels about being a kenzoku and all, I mean have I really judged my existence that much… seriously, I mean being a kenzoku means is like throwing out your mortality even if you ever loved someone who is mortal RIGHT? regardless of that I really do feel what she feels again sigh… quite one of the few reasons why she acts all to cool even for a person who is about 500 years old or so. I know to love immortal people is just a cruel fate

Obligatory PICS again

right all you need is a hug to blow your mind of your thoughtsnice one Iori for an obligatory fan service HHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHI shall be your lap pillow anyday FFFFFF!!

Amamiya Yuuko (ef-the fairy tale of the two/ef-the latter tale) [minori] (what choices did I ever have to deserve this O.o)

I know its sad that the people you supported are more famous than youAnd now the epitome of whats a tragic heroine (even though tales of melodies was good but I cease to believe that anime was a fact and thus I may be violating one of the rules but then again think of it that the first game came out way before the anime), seriously even though I really dont know what she was until finishing and sulking over the end of the latter tale, I will always have a heart for lost souls and that is why you are here with other tragic heroines (seeing the pattern here). Firstly she is also one of the indirect osananajimi characters for she was forgotten in the past and all she had been through loosing her parents, being abused by her adoptive brother yet still maintaining a moe factor SHITT!!! not to mention being forgotten by your “onii-chan” Yuu, and when you finally got your only blessing after you been through all will be taken away from you in the most horrible day ever that is Christmas UGH!! FATE IS JUST BEING TOO CRUEL!!! sigh…. but no worries again you made my heart a moeful dose even if your confession chucked a half of my moe filled heart. Not to mention I always wanted a mother figure in my life or perhaps thats just due to my past <_< and a possible past existence perhaps.

A motherly hug is always fine by me danm you MIKI!!! I envy your position Y_YI know I know Yuu fate is just too cruel both in our lives we lost things that are precious in our livesand now let us leave to the sky to take our breaths away FFF beaut CGI fiendishly envy your position there SOOO FFF!!! HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSS

Yagisawa Mio (Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu ~Kimi to sugoshita ano hi to ima to~) [meromerocute]

and now presenting you one of the Mios in the ero worldOne of your wanting to protect bishoujos according to Konata’s vocabulary, as she is your sickly town idol, apparently due to her sickness that deals with her lungs she was diagnosed for not living for more than 6 months, but apparently her family was also not able to afford her medication so yeah… you know standard drill of “fulfilling my wishes type of story”, which is basically to become an idol as one of her dream which was apparently granted and also its one of her ways to be able to receive her medication (again seeing how the flow of girls here), and that of all of your schoolmates in town she is the most detached as shes busy with her idol life but wont now being able to pity her for being in a situation… URGH!! shes also my second playthrough in the game even if I got spoiled it still had a reaction to my life, at least she had a blessing before fate took over. ITS A FEINDISHLY BITTERSWEET ENDING THAT MADE ME SHED MANLY TEARS JUST LIKE MANAKA’S Y_Y.also life is all about enjoying the scenery LIVE HAPPY IS THE ULTIMATUM GOAL OF ALL HUMANSFATE IS CRUEL I KNOW Y_Y

Limwris (Tears to Tiara) [Leaf/Aquaplus]I have to look for it someway somehow damn you PS3!!! damn you S***

And of course the obligatory rules of having must have a maid for a harem and though without any pictures as I decided to use Tears to Tiara for the PS3 and all of that problem that its not hackable <_<,  an all out dere meido who is willing to give her all to her beloved master (when I say everything that also includes well you know), sigh… perhaps I could have opt for other options but she takes the bait for having well takes up the extreme mote mote type of character if you get the drift.

Kujou Ria (Twinkle Crusaders) [Lillian]

I envy your position SHINN!!And now for a sempai who takes up being your counselor as well , I mean I got no issues there seriously their family has been idolizing the Maou for a long long time generations even, a helpful onee-chan with your romance over her imouto, and a surprising character no less yes though not a tragic character you know when your icha-icha moments want it especially with those assets XD. Not to mention a henshin heroine though I don’t have a fetish for them but what the heck not the fan-service is there.Moments that you want to grab someone's hand no?HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

So m3rry if you got issues with my list well then let us fap this over the IRC lolz. HAHAHAHAHA MOEHEHEHEHEHEHE

seriously i was not joking on the hardship i had to face

10 comments on “Harems and fapness

  1. Micchi says:

    But…. ef and TtT have anime adaptations already, so that violates rule #3. Lots of tragic heroines ;o

    I’ve been planning to make my own post too, but due to rules #3 and #4, it’s severely limiting my options since most of mine are by Agumion or Fuurin. Going to play a few more games before I decide…

    • Accany says:

      Doesn’t FA has it’s own anime too? Which would make that 3.

      Maybe I should do this too, but I’ll probably just pick someone who makes me laugh ._.

    • momochi says:

      Ah, I was going to point that out but you beat me to it…..

      • momochi says:

        (above comment was directed at Micchi, I forgot to click on reply earlier…. >_<)

        Oh, I just noticed that you don't have a single tsundere on your list. (Kiriha does NOT count!)

    • m3rryweather says:

      It’s because Algester “claims” Yuuko was already in his harem even though I made that post after the anime aired. <_< Unless he has the power to tell the future, I bet he couldn't bear to leave her out of his harem or his head Asplode.

      And I know how much you want an all imouto harem, but it’s pretty hard when Oto Agumi has voiced every single one in the history of mankind.

      • Algester says:

        that i guess is the example of the dilemma i had but what the heck <_< hmm well then Micchi i bid good luck on your picks umuumu
        as expected for me to predict the future but its not as always as it seems though but my weather predictions 70% at a time never does get wrong though so just a bit more training perhaps then

      • Micchi says:

        Thanks for stating the obvious. Can I just name a harem of Agumion/Fuurin chars? ;/

  2. Algester says:

    they have almost one thing in common though O.o and apparently this was the hardest post i had to do <_< from august 24 lol

  3. Wrath says:

    It’s hard especially when season by season, eroge adaptations chip away at the possible store that you can pick from. Wasn’t Tayutama one of the series MY named last time?

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