77~when, two stars meet again Review

sevens*wheeze**wheeze*ha…ha… finally done with the sake of lolz and with a cup of lolz*faints*

with the shenanigans asides time to start the review now starting off @_@

Game Info


Random Gist

Genre: Magic, lolz, tanabata, suspension of disbelief; and not the least more lolz
Character Design:
尾之上咲太 (Magus Tale, Colorful Aquarium)


The entire setting is one a giant flying island school complex I mind you people @_@,You start the day as Shou Tsukishiro being called to the student council room, then the student council vice-president Kotone gives him a ring saying thats a counterfeit ring of the Altair ring, thats being asked by his brother the student council president to deliver to him, and due to some precarious situations he has been, he accidentally wears the ring only then to find out that its the real ring… sorry but I can’t post the precarious situation shot as yeah…. cicumstances prevents me so…, and that he is now forced into the tanabata celebration in order to keep the school afloat and stable by spending a week on the 3 towers namely the tower of power, knowledge and fate that surround the general studies facility.

now on with the…


月城 翔 (Tsukishiro Shou)

sorry but no pic for the guy

well for one thing his your normal H game protagonist neither gar nor mote-mote (Damn you Lester!!), and with his albeit “lecherous” and over protective brother I can see a contrast of personalities so yeah…

Tower of Destiny

星庭 宙 (Hoshiba Sora)

sora The present Orihime candidate of the tower of knowledge, and is also the osananajimi of Shou, a strong eater akin to a “gapped” stomach, and the fact the sole reason why she is in the tower of knowledge is that her father worked in the school for science, just to avoide spoilers go and read the story for the depth.

常葉 亜紀 (Tsuneha Aki)aki

One of the two star mikos of the tower of knowledge, an extreme siscon to her older sister Miki, also a genius like all of the residents of the tower of knowledge, also one of the tsunderes of the game yes as there are 2 tsunderes for this title or so it seems.

常葉 美紀 (Tsuneha Miki)


The other star miko of the tower of knowledge, in the game she has the biggest assests to Shou surprise, as her younger ister stated that she has a D size, anyway like her younger sister she is a genius (why do I even bother for the love of God this is the tower of knowledge to begin with), and was one of the Orihime candidates during the time of Shou’s brother Ginga being the Altair of that time.

Tower of Power

鳴神 葵 (Narukami Aoi)


The present Orihime candidate of the Tower of Power, also nicknamed as the SD samurai due to her height and is also the neccessary loli in the game, carries her naginata around inside a hammer space go figure as it appears out of now where in the game, not only is she a loli she is also a tsundere so yeah…

古清水 凛 (Koshimizu Rin)


One of the star mikos of the tower of power, basically she too has a black hole for a stomach and is insanely strong to be able to carry Stella of no problem, and also she has an ojou-streak in terms of accent and speech.

ステラ (Stella)


The other star miko of the tower of power, she also doubles as a maid a meidorobo as a matter of fact which explains why she is in the tower of power but ironiclly she has a limiter on not being able to harm humans unless “reprogrammed” to.

Tower of Destiny

天峰 瑠々 (Amane Ruru)


The Orihime candidate for the Tower of Destiny, well most chars from tower are all laid back, she sleeps a lot as she actually has powers through her song YES SONG MAGIC! blah… why do I even bother…

カレン=ルクス=ヴィクトリア (Karen=Lucs=Victoria)


Well basically put she is the cousin of Seera from another title by Whirlpool namely MagusTale who is by this game’s timeline already the headmistress of the island school, and seeing that she is related to the island its already expected that she does have magical abilities. and is also one of the star mikos for the Tower of Destiny. To take a note she has the second largest assets in-game so its no wonder why such a “bird” really does like her.

風舞 さくら (Kagimai Sakura)


Shou’s junior, and that she has an ability to speak/understand with animals and is nicknamed by Rin as a walking zoo as she keeps exotic animals other than dogs and cats among other things also including magical creatures beside her akin to pets, also to take note that the animals are link with her feelings so yeah… you really dont want to mess up with her unless your willing to get eaten by tigers and rammed by bulls for that matter. The other star miko for the Tower of Destiny.


kuuTruth be told she is not affiliated with any of the towers, and that she is a secret character since you actually get to her route ones you finish Sora, Aoi and Ruru’s routes in the game since she is a secret character I wont spoil much on it since well she is directly related to all of the events of the story, being a descendant of a meteorite and all which explains the meaning behind the title “When, two stars meet again.”

now moving on to the


Title Screen

sevens title screenOn the title screen you got the usual set of buttons ie. start game, load game and settings. Whats interesting to this is that you actually have an option for the last played time start which quite good for the people who are playing experience system crashing, and also there is the 77library which will be explained later, and also after finishing all routes the title screen will change which is what is posted right now, and also theres a button that links to the homesite of Whirlpool and do mind you people not all light hearted companies do that IIRC only dark themed game companies (this does not include innocent grey as they are on a whole new level) do that.


sevens selection I might post the image twice so bear with me anyway the textbox is a box which is common to VNs, only that its star themed plus the lines are not hard to read and also to take note it still carries a text box’s standard armaments namely auto skip quick save/load and system menu the blue star hides the text box’s buttons while he red one shows it.


sevens selectionAnd so I did post the same image twice lol anyway the selections is like any other selections from other VNs and I can’t say that they are straight forwarded, but since the walkthrough makes a path where in all chars have the same amount of flags before being locked into one so that may mean its straight forward, and also once you have selected the selection prior your second playthrough the text will change in color from white to a blueish hue as you can see from the screenshot I got.


sevens save loadIt’s convenient on how whirlpool made the save/load screen on the same menu plus the double thumbnails and commentaries (whether anyone is indeed using the commentaries or not is up to the user’s choice) the entire save files allotted is 100 and theres also the EX save/load which expands to another 100 more and also this is where the auto saves are used through the first 10 slots while the quick saves are on the slots 11-100, the only hassle to the save and load screen is that you have to scroll down which is a hassle. Also theres a legend on how the file was saved quite minor but meh.

sevens save load edithowever this is also the first game I have encountered with this unique save/load system is that you can actually edit your slots (including the 3 hit windows combo the cut,copy and paste) the other one being the delete quite handy for the people who want to organize. It may look messy but my save style is like reserving 4 save file slots per character on the different parts of there route this way reviewing the routes wont be a hassle.

Day Transition

day transitionTo most it may not be important but anyway for the transition of the game instead of chapters (it’s actually a typical whirlpool game though), instead of having the normal chapter based system they opt to use the day base system anyway, its true it maybe not important but this is for the sake of EYECATCH!! @_@ mmm SD for whirlpool games never get old for me >.<

Game Menu

sevens menu

The game menu can be accessed by pressing right click during the game and the GUI is self explanatory nothing special only that Moko and Poko are cute but never mind that.


sevens settingAll games must have this anyway the other problem here is that even though its easy to read is that again its scroll based so… yeah anyway like all config in the games you got the option on your textbox opacity, font speed, font selection so on and so forth, plus like all whirlpool games on the sounds tab you acctually get to select on the game system voice from all of the characters in the story including the generic ones I mind you.


sevens library

This is the 77Library it is basically a encyclopedia per-se to those people who dont know the explanation of terms through out the story this also include story character backgrounds as you go through the story, and a possible summary of their routes quite handy I dare say if you people are relying on translations since AGTH is capable of hooking the text inside the selections.

Omake Menu

Now for the mostly awaited thing for the game, seriously who wont?… i mean we have been playing these games thinking of the omake material other than the story or which ever goes first. Anyway

CG Mode

sevens omake

Starting of with the CG mode divided into per character categories lastly being the SD the well for main routes we have a 2 page ecchi and non ecchi extravaganza which is what I like about, seriously not the gripes I had about owarinaki, as there are storyline related CGs and H scene CGs totally unlike the former but as for sub-routes we only get a page of goodness well that is why people who want the true gist of the game go only play the 3 main routes+1 secret route, sub-char stories are short I mind you so better finish them last.

sevens Cg menuthen upon clicking thumbnails brings up the bigger picture by pressing right click brings up the CG menu from here you can acutually select the category you like and the scene number (but why bother) and also the zoom function now thats yummy XD

Scene Mode

sevens memo

Now the memories there are 3 H scenes for major character whilst there are 2 for minor characters yeah…

Sound Mode

sevens music

Now for the music mode well more or less i could say its so so and that only some have piqued my interest.

and now some random pics

the face 2

the face 1

sevens sd CG

sd 1

Opinions/Last words

To those who want wacky stories, yet still light hearted drama by nature and the patience of doing 10 routes, I guess this is a thing for you but since most of us who play Whirlpool games are mostly just after the comedy and the SD CGs to bring to more of that effect then this is the game for you and its also a plus the protagonist does not suffer from Makoto syndrome.


Story: 4/10
Characters: 7.9/10
CGs: 9.5/10
Music: 5.5/10

the story is explainable as it does not delve into too much info but is more on a comedic stance so yeah I say that fair as I could also grade Festa! (Lass) in the same way  for too much slapstick.

6 comments on “77~when, two stars meet again Review

  1. m3rryweather says:

    Crud, you finished this before I did. Well, I can sympathize with you on how FREAKING LONG this is! Man, ten characters…what were they thinking?

    I give props to the character designers to making each catch-able heroine look unique with the hair and accessories. I support your character score. 0w0

    I’m still on Kuu-HHHNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  2. Algester says:

    ohh crud…. dam period button didnt work 😛

  3. Micchi says:

    Lol Festa… I tried playing that a few years back. The line was too much.

    10 chars sure is a lot, but tanabata theme with comedy? Count me in!

  4. momochi says:

    Hmm…. this sure does look good though I’m not sure whether I’ll have the patience to sit through 10 or more routes….

  5. Algester says:

    anyway for people curious of what paths to follow i suggest ruru, aoi then sora then kuu sub heroines your call your choice as i could regard them as trap routes as most of their stories does not tie with the main story itself

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