終わりなき夏永遠なる音律 character and “in-depth-ness”

Fulfilling my promise just like the the pas posts O.o and yes I did not by any means finished Mio’s route thinking that everyone else would have done her first than any other character.

Game Info




Random Gist

Genre: Summer; School-life; Classical music; Mio-ge and over tuned drama
Character Design: 日向恭介
Scenario: 味塩ロケッツwith企画屋


冬馬 巧 (Touma Takumi)

the guy in the middleYour classical protagonist who is both モテモテ and GAR. In all seriousness he still has the control whilst sleeping with his 2 osananajimis, I can’t say enough on how GAR he is during the first arc of the story is that his good points as typically he is indeed a kind hearted person yet somewhat strict in some parts of the story especially while holding up to his Ritsuko-senpai’s ideals, a violinist; and lives with his old man who stays in the atelier still making violins though they are not being sold. Though at the second part of the story (route lock) he has a 180° personality change.

小鳥遊 澪 (Takanashi Mio)

mioThe moe blob of the game, one of Takumi’s osananajimis, a violinist as well who was inspired by Takumi when they were young, due to an incident prior to the story she lost his father and is therefore living with her step-mom Haruna-sensei, also she takes care of Takumi’s house chores even though he can do them by himself, yes you will feel the ooze of moe in this game because of her. Also to note she refers herself in the third person.

雨宮 歌音 (Amamiya Kanon)

KanonTakumi’s other osananajimi and also soft-spoken; like Mio she lost her mother in the same incident, she is also has a clingy personality with Takumi and is on bad terms with her father for some reason, plays the viola, and what the heck not theres no cliche than a osananajimi who cant do house work so its her, also one of the character that I want with my long hair fetish lol <_<. shes typically between whats a possible yandere and a dorodere, but not a totally yandere so like what Accany said BE DISAPPOINTED @_@.

折原 藍 (Orihara Ai)

aiThe game’s tsundere so yes uhh…. in anyways you people know the typical tsundere syndrome so I will not discuss about that, anyway prior to the story she kept on transferring school due to her father’s business until she ended up on the same school as the protagonist, plays the Violin; works on her father’s cafe business so anyone would know what her other secret is; straight A student and sporty.

越野 可憐 (Koshino Karen)


Your best friend’s little sister and a hidden osananajimi , was inspired to join the music club after Ritsuko-senpai graduated, one of the funniest characters in the game and is the most normal of them all as what Accany would put it, plays the cello but still needs some practice, and has been totally in love in the protagonist prior to her introduction, and she beats up her brother pretty well. Plays the cello and calls Ri-ze shihou

リーゼロッテ・シュレーベル (Liselotte•Shurevel/Ri-ze)

ri-zeA gaijin, part Japanese and Belgian, she came to Japan from America to finish an unfinished business because of her mother, plays the cello and is a good soloist. Due to her Japanese mother she was thought on speaking Japanese but not writing so its quite amusing as on how she reflects on the Japanese culture. Teaches Karen on playing the cello.

大上 律子  (Oogami Ritsuko)


Takumi; Kanon and Mio’s senpai who is seconds as the Student Council president and Counsel President, holds the great power to actually unify the student body and make her policies go her way in an instant, and its because of her also that the music club was founded as she also plays the cello quite well. She soon passes her ideals to Takumi before she graduates and understands the three of them at best. And was totally responsible on how they got Ai to the music club. Toally energetic and gun-ho type of person.

Opinions/Last words

Overall on how the system was made was good really good and also the bonus point is that its widescreen, as for the gripes is that the character drama was over done on the route locks, which inevitably killed the character development that happens on the first part of the story which is really good and not that draggy.


Rating Legend
0:Failure beyond despair/in-debt
1-2: Not so-so
3-4: Fair enough
5-6: Satisfactory
7-8: Great but not at the rank of the elites
9-10: I wont even bother why its so

Story: 5/10
Characters: 7/10
CGs: 10/10
Music: 10/10 (and I would not even bother with it why its so)

13 comments on “終わりなき夏永遠なる音律 character and “in-depth-ness”

  1. Accany says:

    Exactly. You guys and your rating systems lol.

    This review looks like a mix of Micchi’s reviews and mine lol.

    And I totally wholeheartedly agree with the rating for the story.

  2. Observer 31 says:

    Hi there, was blog-roll-jumping and found this interesting site.
    Peeked at the post and couldn’t help but come up with a big question: Why was Karen’s picture comment…different xD.

  3. FujiedaAlexander says:

    Does this game run in english locale?

  4. FujiedaAlexander says:

    haha, sorry i didn’t explain myself, i was wondering if the game could run in english locale by using applocale or NTLEA, sorry for the confusion.

    • Algester says:

      i suggest on not using applocale as applocale has game compatibility issues that i cant determine on the other games so i use the standard method with japanese unicode this way im not hassling on anything

      • FujiedaAlexander says:

        Thank you very much for the answer, i think i’ll do as you said, leave the pc in japanese unicode.

        nice review and thanks for the info, i’ll be reading your blog frequently=).

  5. […] that everyone wants a place in it <_<. Anyway having “finished” Owarinakinatsu Towanarushirabe and starting on Sevens, whilst talking with Accany or Micchi over IM depending on the situation. […]

  6. Victor Chai says:

    Erm just to ask,does this have an english patch already?Dying to play it =.=” but i’m afraid i can’t understand it

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