Tanabata Sevens

the faceYes as what I had stated in my tweets that I dropped Owarinatsu for Sevens by Whirlpool

Anyway You could say indirectly that this is a first impression of the game after digging through least for 2 days playing. Anyway you start as Syou (yes he name is identical to the protagonist of Flyable Heart) whose brother Ginga, is the student council pressident who is an intense bracon as might so you to speak. Having the usual Whirlpool wacky but not slapstick humor yeahh….

sevens chibiMy only dillemma is that the game has 10 routes (1 unlockable while with 3 major routes), and has lovable characters so as expected of myself my undecisiveness strikes back lol.

PS: It does not neccessarily mean I’am not going to make a review of owarinatsu.

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One comment on “Tanabata Sevens

  1. […] it <_<. Anyway having “finished” Owarinakinatsu Towanarushirabe and starting on Sevens, whilst talking with Accany or Micchi over IM depending on the situation. somehow come soon or […]

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