First post XD

Always this is a compulsary post lol.. and way now to get started. Anyway the site is here for the most of the wrong if not shameless reasons since I was inspired by Hemi-tan being one of the frist ones I have known to start at ero-blogging then the rest just went boomies, Of course I was hesitant at starting first since I want to at least get started on CSS before getting myself on track at blogging. As for what I will be talking about in the succeeding posts would be eroge reviews, what mostly is about life with popculture and NEETs, rants;  if not extreme mind fucks, and news perhaps but thats another case lol. Typically as well I’m a virgin to 4ch so no 4chaning shenanigans could be expected here yeah…. and now back to my ero.

14 comments on “First post XD

  1. Accany says:

    I swear you did this on purpose >_>

  2. m3rryweather says:



  3. kevo says:

    Good luck on your blogging, stranger I have never heard of before!

  4. Wrath says:

    And with merry linking this on his blog, you’re going to be under a bit of expectations.

  5. manga says:

    Have fun. Blogging is fun.

    Do not make the same misstake as Hemi did though. Keep a theme that at least shows the most recent posts somewhere :p

    Cause that is not something Hemi did and it made his site look like it has been dead for months. Which it hasn´t…

    But anyway, welcome to the fun time that is blogging.

  6. izmosmolnar says:

    Good Luck Algester.
    It’s nice to see that you’ll be doing a blog too.

  7. Garion says:

    Have fun! 😀 I’ll be checking your blog out as well for reviews! Pretty sure you left out the G in Hongfire as well. >.> Or is that on purpose? <.<

  8. Boy92 says:

    A group of those young people try to escape after finding out they are unable to pay the rent. ,

  9. Hy I had read ya reviews and they’re very nice! ^^ I’m an eroge fans too and your posts really help me ^^

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