天気雨 First Impressions

Village Summer life with Fox girl miko sisters no drama no nothing just summer and a lot of icha rabu
Tenki Ame

Yes its evident I have my fetish on this game but Checkmate said Shiro is his :< I say I FINISHED HER ROUTE FIRST! CAUSE THIS GAME HAS PROBLEMS ON AMD CPUs BLAH!!!!!

so you have the 2 Miko sisters drawn by 2 artists

first you have
白 (Shiro)
Kon’s little sister with lolitastic proportions, carefree and very childish not to mention with too much energy. Designed by Yuzuka

next you have
狐 (Kon)
Shiro’s older sister and has the womanly proportions, technically the opposite of Shiro but eh… Designed by Yoshizawa Megane if I were to be honest I just didnt like the CG design for Kon translating well into the game if you have checked Yoshizawa’s Pixiv account his CG style is more “edgy” and is actually better than not in-game like my same thoughts when Sayori designed the characters for Root Harem it just seem off and didnt “fit” right without her CG work as seen in Nekopara and soon to be released boku to koisuru ponkotsu akuma from Smile.

anyway the plot is quite shallow our protagonist Aoi taking a summer vacation from university went to visit his grandparents after having heard the news of his grandfather getting sick, on his first day he sees a cute loli fox girl with white hair and a tail and wonder if he was dreaming, apparently not and that this fox girl loli along with her sister freeloads in his grandparents’ house so start his summer days living in the village with fox girl sisters and some icha rabu.
The game does support E-mote engine but to me that was fairly minor as I think it was badly implemented. But if you like fox girls sure why not… was the game good, for me good is kinda subjective but if your bored and has time to read some vanilla-doujin like plot where things escalate fast sure then I guess this is a fair read I did after all finished Shiro’s route cause she’s omochikaeri material being the “imouto” chara and all.

touch das fluffy tail

Shiro is cute


蒼の彼方のフォーリズム Review

If I had Raising Heart it would be Axel Fin… sadly they arent ARKS either so they dont know PAs despite their teacher was a Photonian… wait…
so where will the broken wings of our protagonist take him
mmmm Human Jetplanes… seriously I hope the incoming anime has everything what I would expect dog fights similar to ace combat and macross

Game Info

Game Site (IP block ya)
Company (IP block)

Random Gist

Genre: School-life, High-speed flying action, Romance?, Bro-mance?
Character Design: 鈴森、悠木いつか (Suzumori, Yuuki Itsuka)
Scenario: 木緒なち、渡辺僚一、陸奥竜介

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あま恋シロップス First Impression

Because I’m pressed for time in fact this marks the last most available day I can play eroges till I really get my own personal unit, or I could feel very very very adventurous
Presenting to you CUFF’s new sister brand named mintCUBE first game Amakoi Syrups where they are attempting to do a moe nuki-ge yes… you heard that right a moe nuki-ge the plot is soo shallow it wont really seem far of from your stereotypical nuki-ge
This is the first game by MintCUBE, a sister company of CUBE which focuses on cute ero. Sachikazu lives in Hoshikago-machi which holds a festival called Hoshiai (Meeting of the Stars) every Tanabata. One early summer day, he went with his osananajimi Tsuyuri to a small shrine on the rocky shore to make an offering of handmade sweets. There they met the strange round being Manjuu-sama. After being embraced by it, Tsuyuri’s face turned increasingly red and her breathing became heavier. He was about to help her, but was instead pushed down. It looked like she was sexually excited. She turned back to normal after he sprayed his semen on her. Then, a girl in a miko outfit, Hozumi, appeared before them and proclaimed that since Manjuu-sama had awakened, she will help make sure the “Thanks of the Hoshiai” is performed accordingly.

The only way to combat the sexual urges that are caused by Manjuu-sama’s mysterious ability is his semen! With his imouto Rin and English transfer student Anastesia also dragged in, the festival of love has begun!

Taken from Micchi’s website

In fact it also gets explained that the entire harem shenanigans is legit, sadly as what a certain black swordsman would put it there should only be 1 way… that 1 way isnt offered in this game
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シロガネ×スピリッツ! First Impression

Ok I just got back into the eroge reading time again but these time on a public computer… so I will be having quite an erratic schedules when it comes to do Eroge review
so I’ll start with my first impression on GIGA’s new game titled Shirogane x Spirits.
Shirogane x spirits
Plot summary
Touji came to Kamishiro upon the last request of his late grandfather and iaido master. When he exited the station, he saw a single schoolgirl with a sword amidst a defeated mob of opponents. This was part of “Kamishiro Battle Live”, an annual media-sponsored battle event between the eight schools with the victor gaining control of the city. Setsuna brought him to Oubu Gakuen and recommended him to the student council. Impressed with his iaido technique, the student council leader invited him to join, but he had no desire to fight. However, when she told him that he would be able to live in the student council’s exclusive dormitory, he immediately changed his mind. Thus, the curtain has lifted on this fierce and fun battle stage with unique allies and opponents.
from Micchi’s blog

to sum up the Plot a it’s good as it is as an eroge no… meaning they could have probably done better as an all-age title than as an ero title but was it interesting to read? not much there could probably be better chuunier battle mangas, and VNs out there that could be actually surpass this title but still nice try GIGA… ohh and HEUG BAZOONGIES… I REPEAT HEUG BAZOONGIES except Mei…
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