Amanosora Retrospect First Impressions

I played 2 routes
Misora and Amahoshi the title itself seems like supposed to be a story centric game but it isnt as everyone can be pushed down from the get go without a pen-ultimate “true” ending or maybe glace just doesnt like to do stories like what Niijima Yuu or Makoto Shinkai would write (I’m not saying that koikake was written by Niijima Yuu using Shinkai’s usual stories as his basis to TENMON’s music with Mizutsuki Ryou’s music…)

Characters are fine but there’s more to be desired… how bout… onii-chan teacher? yeah… maybe thats more to be desired :3

I just originally played this for Amahoshi but ok…

Primal Hearts 2 Review

The second generation Triple Seven ready to shake up the status quo or did he? trained by the son of the WORLD’S STRONGEST MARTIAL ARTIST and is the younger brother of BITCH OF BITCH.


Old cast meets new cast except Sera… sadly she’s having been written off having an icha icha good time with Kazuma… (in the Inn from Koi-iro Marriage) yeah it’s part of the verse

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Genre: Ren-ai, Student Council?, Drama?
Character Design: さそりがため、芦俊、ここのか、木場智士
Scenario: 吉川芳佳、近江谷宥、他

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call me surprised this came from the writer of Ria Imo… ohh and legitly its the osananajimi who wins! and is better written

Well all that’s left is the FD next month cause maybe I would read it since it does revolve around the concept of 子作り because grandma just wants to see her great grandchild :X

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Genre: Summer, Romance, Osananajimi, Step by Step loving
Character Design: もとみやみつき (Motomiya Natsuki)
Scenario: おぅんごぅる

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聖騎士Melty☆Lovers First Impressions

OMG Akabeisoft3 I mean Akabeisoft2 WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG! Call me surprised I went through 3 landmine titles of yours and lived to tell how bloody good this game is well at least compared to the past 2 Kishi-titles yeah…
well I’ll just post what I can for this one
セフィ=ライアード (Sefi Laiard)
The woman that Thill our protagonist bumps into while going to the knight school, she has a secret identity and well probably only the saviest of players can tell what that secret is so the surprise wasnt a surprise for me. though for her rank I can say she’s very… homely or so should I say.

フレイ=ノールズ (Frey Knowles)
Kuudere of the cast, serious and aspires to become a seikishi a templar equivalent if you will her family was originally a noble family until shit happened hence her wish to become a seikishi.

リル=クーリエ (Lil Culier)
Resident loli and is the partner of Sefi, the only Juukishi in the setting and with good reason as to also why she’s paired up with Sefi most of the time it has something to do with her… you can stick to an imouto play if you wish.

カノン=ルクサーナ (Kanon Rooksana?)
Bustiest of the Cast and is a free spirited classmate of Till well technically the cast are classmates, never did her route though…

well what can I say certainly the game is better in writing as it felt more natural and non forced compared the 2 past kishi games which had obviously those problems but by toning down the none-sense and hyper escalation of the setting and turning it more down to earth indeed the writing became better though they could stretch it a bit more but certainly I think thats asking too much since depending on the route they tried to look up on the world building but I guess that’s a fair try to foreshadow the events that follow suite. Well certainly this is an improvement I say and trust me I READ KOIKISHI AND JYUUKISHI I BLOODY KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! and the art is ok I guess it’s done by Iizuki Tasuku whether you like it or not.

天気雨 First Impressions

Village Summer life with Fox girl miko sisters no drama no nothing just summer and a lot of icha rabu
Tenki Ame

Yes its evident I have my fetish on this game but Checkmate said Shiro is his :< I say I FINISHED HER ROUTE FIRST! CAUSE THIS GAME HAS PROBLEMS ON AMD CPUs BLAH!!!!!

so you have the 2 Miko sisters drawn by 2 artists

first you have
白 (Shiro)
Kon’s little sister with lolitastic proportions, carefree and very childish not to mention with too much energy. Designed by Yuzuka

next you have
狐 (Kon)
Shiro’s older sister and has the womanly proportions, technically the opposite of Shiro but eh… Designed by Yoshizawa Megane if I were to be honest I just didnt like the CG design for Kon translating well into the game if you have checked Yoshizawa’s Pixiv account his CG style is more “edgy” and is actually better than not in-game like my same thoughts when Sayori designed the characters for Root Harem it just seem off and didnt “fit” right without her CG work as seen in Nekopara and soon to be released boku to koisuru ponkotsu akuma from Smile.

anyway the plot is quite shallow our protagonist Aoi taking a summer vacation from university went to visit his grandparents after having heard the news of his grandfather getting sick, on his first day he sees a cute loli fox girl with white hair and a tail and wonder if he was dreaming, apparently not and that this fox girl loli along with her sister freeloads in his grandparents’ house so start his summer days living in the village with fox girl sisters and some icha rabu.
The game does support E-mote engine but to me that was fairly minor as I think it was badly implemented. But if you like fox girls sure why not… was the game good, for me good is kinda subjective but if your bored and has time to read some vanilla-doujin like plot where things escalate fast sure then I guess this is a fair read I did after all finished Shiro’s route cause she’s omochikaeri material being the “imouto” chara and all.

touch das fluffy tail

Shiro is cute


蒼の彼方のフォーリズム Review

If I had Raising Heart it would be Axel Fin… sadly they arent ARKS either so they dont know PAs despite their teacher was a Photonian… wait…
so where will the broken wings of our protagonist take him
mmmm Human Jetplanes… seriously I hope the incoming anime has everything what I would expect dog fights similar to ace combat and macross

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Random Gist

Genre: School-life, High-speed flying action, Romance?, Bro-mance?
Character Design: 鈴森、悠木いつか (Suzumori, Yuuki Itsuka)
Scenario: 木緒なち、渡辺僚一、陸奥竜介

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