Giga I do not wish to drop you to my Kuso-ge list but if this keeps up…

Seriously GIGA most of your latest games are no longer laptop friendly… I mean sure my laptop is already 8 years old but I can still play most eroges by most companies but ever since the Kiss series it has boiled down to very fancy engine that my laptop overheats… I know I can’t play most modern games long on my laptop but please seriously… I’m still trying to like your games but if your going to weed out people with “weak” rigs… thats no longer healthy seriously GIGA what made your games too fancy… I CAN PLAY E-MOTE ENABLED GAMES PERFECTLY HAVING PLAYED WITCH’S GARDEN WITHOUT OUT A HITCH BUT YOUR GAMES STILL HAS SOME STATIC SPRITES/tachi-e HARVEST OVERRAY ASIDES I know I have patience but when the config menu only pops up 15-20 seconds after pressing the config button we seriously have a problem

雨恋 Review

Coffee Kizoku… You just verify my fetish for black hair bishoujos :X AHH FUCK I’m feeling like Iono now…


Who says moist H-scenes can not be sexy…. first NOESIS game I read and partially finished as there are 2 bad ends… the Wet Sari Moment tropes the game OHHH AND BLACK HAIR BISHOUJO what Coffee Kizoku does at his best

Game Info

Game Site

Random Gist

Genre: Summer, Romance, wet… H-SCENES?!
Character Design: 珈琲貴族 (Coffee Kizoku)
Scenario: 永遠月心悟

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アストラエアの白き永遠 Review

Snow does not pile up for 3 years… since a snow fairy has graced upon the lands… and better than a self-proclaimed fairy of love deathgod despite being loli… WOOO Let’s get this ON this game also marks the 10th year anniversary same with ALCOT and that FAMILY IS THE THEME OF THE GAME just like Clover Day’s ALMOST EVERYONE HAS A SIBLING IN THIS GAME except Korona and Kotori

My first ever FAVORITE game read and finished

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Genre: School life, Winter, sci-fi, magic, Nordic Myths, memorable lolis, Family
Character Design: 司田カズヒロ、ヒラサト、なつめえり、GT、ミズタマ(SD原画)
Scenario: なかひろ、保住圭
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星織ユメミライ First Impressions

Woo finally got net anyway dropped this baby


ahhh Toneworks second title… was it a landmine like their first game 初恋1/1 I can’t say it but probably it is but unless this is really in your TO-PLAY list, though ONE THING IS CERTAIN THIS IS AS CHARA-GE A CHARA-GE CAN GET, but I have to honestly say I played this one for the music, and there’s also the fact this game isn’t on my to play list… you know I can’t resist a TENMON music game even if he didnt do the full thing then there’s also MANYO plus the vocal collection from Peak a Soul+ production group though I only played the routes with the songs I wanted… case in point

逢坂 そら Ousaka Sora CV:  桐谷華 Character Design: 武藤此史


The star-freak according to Touko the only member of the astronomy club, a very… can’t say autistic… well she has some low communication skills and is very knowledgeable about stars and constellations, I mean sure the writer would have pretty much looked that up on the wiki but eh… she dreams of working in a planetarium, and even after the timeskip she’s still small and flat as ever :X time skip in her route takes 10 years after the school festival.

Image song

Star Linker by Shimotsukin composer MANYO, I’m a sucker for these 2 REALLY why else would I actually… though not entirely related buy a physical copy of Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.紅 ~天統姫~ yeah… and to think it all started when my brother was looking for CARTAGRA by Innocent Grey

ED song

and no it’s no Pony… even if it’s named Celestia

鳴沢 律佳 Narusawa Rikka CV:  北見六花 Character Design: 秋野すばる


Piano-chan as referred by Touko, I’m a sucker for piano pieces that’s one thing certain, a hard working character who wishes to be actually noticed by her family, at the school life portion of her route she once thought of the time of actually giving up the piano which was essentially her entire life, but then our protagonist intervened giving her a reason to strive just to be noticed like her little sister. I have to say her route is actually well written as it gives more than some form of closure compared to the other routes THAT I HAVE PLAYED as it more than ends with a marriage but her over-all character development which gives her ED song a very significant meaning. Her timeskip takes place no sooner than college life and graduation about 3 years since the school festival.

Image Song

想いの欠片 (Omoi no Kakera) Performed by Luna and composed by Tsukagoshuu Ichirou a full time doujin composer and arranger and a brand new? artist huh… still sucker for piano

ED song video is not out yet but will be out soon-ish

大切な人へ (Taisetsu na hito he) <– hence a very significant meaning

雪村 透子 Yukimura Touko CV: 有栖川みや美 Character Design: 唯々月たすく

ToukoA very free-spirited bishoujo, who still wears the old uniform of the school and is normally found in the old building of the school, a very free-spirited without a compass in life, she normally goes with the flow something that I know too very well how it ends up, her parents despite being absent are also OBs of the school hence the key she always has can gain access to the old building… err… beyond school life she’s still as free-spirited as always. Though… mmm OL uniform H scene is a plus :X

Image Song

Make a Wish by Duca/mao composed by Anze Hijiri… by now looking at all that PULLTOP latte… I think it’s evident that I’ll bite just like Shimotsukin and MANYO I also like this duo, and it all started with an utsuge titled Purely~その狭い青空を見上げて~

ED song video isnt out yet <– also soonish

しあわせの場所 (Shiawase no Basho) I’m not sure how a Happy place correlates everything in her route but her route does revolve around wishing to have a proper goal in life… hence the strong tanabata theme.

the things I don’t like about the game… seriously what’s with the phone… NO seriously YOU GUYS CHUCK SOMETHING IN FOR WHAT?! taking screenies?! seriously the “phone” system has to be the most unsatisfying factor in the game though there’s those LINE stickers but eh… but despite the routes having 11 H scenes at most it is by no means a nuki-ge though it is very rare for me to see in eroges about writers take safe fucking seriously yes all H scene on the school part of the route all have contraceptives except paizuri and fera scenes

the things I like about the game


when you see those 2 syllables I WILL BITE… but I’ll not bite hard but will still bite and some of the beautiful CG :X some but eh… but just like Nekonade Distortion I’ll give props about actually acquiring the OST THERE TO THOSE WHO wish for me to give a “review” of this game

Well well… I just decided I have too much time so here we go DO NOT READ UNLESS READY

Ok as I said before the Nekonade list is being made well because I don’t think I want to continue reading Harvest Overray by GIGA now (BECAUSE THE EPIC WEEK IS DAWNING UPON ME DESPITE I’LL ONLY PLAY 1 TITLE)

LET US BEGIN, DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU WISH NOT TO SEE ME ENDLESSLY RANTING PS: like this post this one will be one text heavy post


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