Why inactive and unworthy eroges being played

Right now I’m in a stump of worthless eroges being played games that I find bad… and is bad… ok… maybe not all but majority of them are not worthy of a review, however I may perhaps end up reviewing ALIA’S CARNIVAL when it’s out and Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort also when it’s out… but to those who are curious I just recently played Shoujo Kyouiku from Tanuki-soft (loli nuki-ge… preggo sex…) and is in an attempt to run through Koisuru Doll to Omoi no Kiseki by Sugar Pot… I’m sorry but as of right now I really can’t do anything worthy of a review :X however if people fancy Happy Mea FD Amaenbouda A-team maybe going to make a review for it.



WHY… 1 route done just when  thought it would have the dorama in most eroges they just gave me candies and rainbows… ohh well the total lack of plot was nice though… its basically like reading vanilla ero mangos where everything just escalates quickly…

PS: I’m also done with Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki… its not that good either… god damn its been so long since I remember its predecessor series Vestige no less <_< hah… don’t expect me to review Aka-san to Kyuuketsuki BUT AGAIN I DO LIKE KUWAHIMA REINE’S ART